Bild ART OFor business combines the art OF business and art FOR business.

The aim of ART OF BUSINESS is to realize improvements in processes and performance in organizations in the field of manufacturing and logistics, trade, the service industry and (semi)government institutions. The cornerstone of the approach is to:


No improvement without connection, and no proper advice without a focus on implementation. After all it must lead to something. Next to the focus on results, there is also focus on the robustness and beauty of the solution. It is an art to come up with a solid solution, that is easy to grasp, provides clarity in how to achieve it and brings home the desired revenues (ecomonically, socially, politically or otherwise).

In the past, long gone, I have earned my living with the making of cartoons and illustration for the university, companies and individuals and as a musician. Today I try to pick up part of this old passion as the art FOR business.